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A Pest Control Company In Dubai Sharjah Approved By The Dubai Municipality

Disinfection & Sterilization Services


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A Pest Control Company In Dubai Sharjah Approved By The Dubai Municipality

Clean Well Pest Control is one of the most preferred choice for pest control and building cleaning services in Dubai. Over the years, we have achieved an excellent reputation with our outstanding quality of service for all entities, residential, commercial and industrial as well. We offer a broad spectrum of pest control solutions at competitive prices so that our valued clients lead a healthy, stress-free life.

In the deepest concerns for a sustainable environment, Clean Well Pest Control follows an eco-friendly process for the elimination of pests in accordance with State-approved pesticide guidelines.

Your Trusted Experts In Professional Deep Cleaning Services In Dubai

Besides offering effective pest control and management solutions, we also specialize in a complete range of home and building maintenance. Our services include, but are not limited to Deep Cleaning, AC Servicing & Repair and Professional Maid Services.

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Disinfection & Sterilization Services | Approved by Dubai Municiplaity

With the outbreak of Covid-19, keeping ourselves and our surroundings sterilized and disinfected is the topmost priority right now.


With the best interest of everyone, we at Clean Well, bring to you the best disinfection and sterilization services in Dubai.  We sterilize the premises with our trained team and disinfectants approved by Dubai Municipality.

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Who would like to share their space with a bunch of creepy crawlies of any type? Pest infestation is a common problem faced by the residents of Dubai who inhabit some of the densely populated neighborhoods like JLT, Bur Dubai, Mirdif, Deira among others.


Whether you own a villa or an apartment, these pesky creatures will find their way to your home and this is why Clean Well Pest Control Dubai maintains an Integrated Pest Management system to free your homes from these unwanted guests. This system implements the latest technology approved by Ministry of Agriculture & Environment, UAE and Dubai Municipality, making us a trusted and reliable name in the cleaning and pest control industry. The Biocides used by our professionals are safe and approved by Dubai Health Safety Department. These disinfectants contain no harmful, volatile organic compounds and have proven efficacy to kill most of the microbes under a minute.

With humble beginnings in 2004, Clean Well has grown to become one of the most sought-after service providers for pest control Dubai. We also offer smart residential and commercial cleaning solutions by a team of trained and experienced cleaners and our proven track record of satisfied clientele speaks for itself.


While bedbugs and cockroaches remain the major concerns of UAE residents, termites also pose a serious threat to property. Clean Well Pest Control Dubai has result-oriented solutions for termite pest control Dubai.

Termites or white ants have damaging effects on furniture, books, wooden structures and anything that is made up of cellulose. They breed in soil and silently devour large amounts of wood making the furniture hollow from inside. Clean Well offers effective termite pest control Dubai for domestic and commercial setups as well.


We provide pre-construction as well as post-construction termite pest control Dubai solutions for Interior Decoration companies, Furniture showrooms, Interior Fit-outs and other companies.

Clean Well Pest Control Dubai caters to the cleaning, disinfecting and pest control needs of commercial and hospitality sector and has provided immaculate sanitization services for popular names like Al Futtaim, Al Shirawi Company, BK Gulf Dutco, Pacman Industries, Hills & Forts, Florida Hotel, National Cement Company, Lavender Hotel, Chilis Group, Fortune Hotel, Cuple, Cassels Hotel, Sterling Perfume and many more. We possess a long record of satisfied clients in the restaurant sector across Dubai, some of which are Royal Treat Catering, Calicut Restaurant, Bakers World, Al Fareej Restaurant, Masala Square, Daily Restaurant, Malabar Restaurant Deira and Al Fakher Restaurant.


Our environmentally safe products combined with an Integrated Pest Management System ensure that all your pest control Dubai needs are looked after in the best possible manner. Hire our team with confidence and welcome a clean, healthy, pest-free environment today.



Our pest control, cleaning and maintenance services cater to residential, industrial and commercial sectors.


Our services also include cleaning and maintenance services for :

Office Cleaning

Professional Maid Services

Hotels & Restaurants



Book our team for residential cleaning services that cater to:


Deep Cleaning




We offer thorough cleaning of industrial settings such as:

Factory Cleaning


Power plants

Garages & Workshops


Besides offering environment-friendly pest control services, Clean Well offers a multitude of Cleaning Services covering every aspect of your place.


Lowers the number of germs on surfaces or objects to a safe level, as judged by public health standards or requirements. This process includes a combination of both cleaning and disinfecting to reduce the spread of infection.

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Lowers the number of germs on surfaces or objects to a safe level by a combination of both cleaning and disinfecting to reduce the spread of infection.

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Agriculture and Irrigation

We also offer gardening and maintenance services for villas, buildings and commercial places.

Fertilization of Plants

Make your trees strong, healthy and stable with our plant fertilization services for gardens and backyards. 

Sofa and Carpet Cleaning

Renew the upholstery of your furniture with our spotless sofa and carpet shampooing and cleaning service

Pest Control

Gen Pest Control cockroaches, crawling insects, flies, mosquitoes and rodents.
Use of eco-friendly long lasting insecticide approved by Dubai Municipality, spray chemical and gel to control in breading areas in the whole restaurant and glue traps in some areas Use of spray chemical and gel to control in rooms kitchen & common area.

Water Tank Cleaning

Clean and sanitized the tank. Clean and brushing of the tank to removed rust. We will use special chemical approved by the municipality for disinfectant to protect from contamination of bacteria and algae.


Our licensed technicians are efficient and experienced in pest termination services. We offer safe pest and bug control services  using high-grade products that are in accordance with UAE's pesticide guidelines. 

Termite Control

We deploy the most practical and effective methods to get your place rid of termites. 

Rodent Control

Prevent the spread of unhygienic bacteria and disease with professional rodent control services. 

Pest Control

We help you get rid of unwanted pest such as cockroaches, bugs, ants, spiders and more. 

Flea Control

Keep your family and pets safe from fleas and prevent the spread of harmful illnesses. 

Put Those Pests Under Control

Termite Pest Control in Dubai

Pests are always uninvited guests in your home, but some pests can be more destructive and dangerous than others. One of the pests with the most harmful potential is termites. If you think you have termites, or you’re sure you do, don’t hesitate to contact Clean Well Pest Control for termite pest control services in Dubai. We’ll take care of these pests so that you can relax at home with peace of mind.

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Reliable Pest Control Services In Dubai & Sharjah

All our cleaning, maintenance and pest control services follow a flexible subscription program that is customized to fit your schedule and budget as well. 
We aim to provide long-lasting solutions to all clients dealing with pest invasion, eliminating not only the pests but also the root of infestation through a series of deep extermination practices. 

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The Ultimate Destination For Cleaning, Maintenance & Pest Control Needs

Clean Well Pest Control is your all-in-one service provider for cleaning, pest control and maintenance. Just contact us and leave the stress on us, whether it is regarding home/villa cleaning, AC maintenance, severe or mild pest control or maid services. You can avail all these services under one roof through a competitive pricing policy.

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You are just one call away from flawless cleaning, maintenance and pest control needs. 

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