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Get Dubai's best sanitization services that help ensure your household is completely disinfected from microbes and germs. Our sanitization services are particularly effective and highly recommended for locations that are frequently used. This can include educational institutes, shops, healthcare facilities, etc.


Safe & Efficient

Clean Well Pest Control Dubai has a fully equipped team to sanitize your location using the latest equipment, with minimal disruption to your everyday operations. The service helps ensure that everybody stays safe from life threatening viruses, harmful bacteria and viral germs, while our qualified team uses Dubai municipality approved chemicals that are safe for humans as well as pets.


Expert Consultation

While we ensure that all the chemicals used in the sanitization process are safe, eco-friendly and bio-degradable, Clean Well Pest Control’s experts also provide complete consultation and counseling before the treatment is carried out. The process is also much more effective than regular household disinfection chemicals. Our professional crew is carefully trained to cover all surfaces during the treatment, including hard-to-reach places where bacteria can hide away and grow over time.


The Process

Clean Well Pest Control’s Sanitizing services are deployed in the following order:

  1. The specialized solution is allowed to sit on the surfaces for a few minutes before being wiped down – to ensure that it is able to work properly.
  2. Frequently touched areas such as door handles, armrests and light switches are given special attention.
  3. After all surfaces are sanitized, they are wiped thoroughly wiped down professionally to ensure that no dust particles or residue chemicals remain.


Fully Compliant Services

Carefully selected powerful equipment is used to carry out the services across Dubai. Clean Well Pest Control’s team only uses equipment that is approved by local authorities and fully compliant with all applicable rules and regulations. That is why we are able to provide sanitization services for almost all types of locations.


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