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Pests are always uninvited guests in your home, but some pests can be more destructive and dangerous than others. One of the pests with the most harmful potential is termites. If you think you have termites, or you’re sure you do, don’t hesitate to contact Clean Well Pest Control for termite pest control services in Dubai. We’ll take care of these pests so that you can relax at home with peace of mind.


Dangers of Termites


The two biggest dangers of termites go hand in hand: They are very small, so they’re hard to notice, and they also eat the wood in your home, so they cause costly damage. Because they’re small and destructive, they can cause some real issues for you. Termite colonies can consist of thousands of termites, so if you think you have an infestation, you need to call us for professional help.


Signs of Termites

Termites aren’t completely unnoticeable. You can watch and listen for a few different signs of termite issues in your home:


Clicking sounds: 

Termites bang their heads against the wood to warn the colony of danger, so if you hear clicking noises from the walls, you may have termites.


Flying bugs: 

Certain termites can fly, so if you see flying bugs around your home, you should investigate the possibility of termites.

Hollow-sounding wood:

If your walls, ceilings, or support beams sound hollow when you knock on them, you need our termite pest control.

Stiff windows and doors:

Warped door and window frames can be a sign of termites.

Tunnels in wood:

You may not be able to see these obvious tunnels from inside your home, but if you see termite tunnels on wood near your home outside, you may have an infestation inside as well.

Contact Clean Well Pest Control Dubai if you’ve seen or heard any of these signs. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and fair pricing so that you can get rid of termites quickly and easily. We use eco-friendly equipment so that you and your family stay safe as well.


In addition to termites, we also provide extermination services for all crawling insects. These insects include common pests such as spiders, ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, and silverfish. We understand that crawling insects can be a significant nuisance and use safe products to eradicate them from your home. Our team starts by carrying out a thorough investigation of your home and/or facility, and then recommending the best course of action based on the size and depth of the infestation. This may be a one-time treatment, or a treatment that should ideally be carried out in stages, in order to ensure the continued elimination of the infestation. This is necessary since different crawling insects have different patterns and preferences which influence the spread of the infestation.


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