Water Tank Cleaning Services Dubai

Water tank cleaning services help ensure that your water storage facility remains safe from the development of any fungal or bacterial hazards. Clean Well Pest Control Dubai uses the latest technology and innovative methods to ensure that water remains clean and safe for consumption and use for all clients across Dubai.


The Cleaning Process

Clean Well Pest Control’s professional water tank cleaning services begin with the careful inspection of the facility, to identify and prepare all necessary cleaning tools. This is followed by the deployment of the actual cleaning service in which we clean using machines for larger areas and special hand-held instruments for smaller areas. Disinfection can also be carried out at this point, followed by extensive rinsing and washing to ensure that all cleaning chemicals are properly removed before the tank is cleared for use again.


Benefits Of The Service

Water tank cleaning is the perfect way to get rid of contaminants that may be polluting your water supply and ensuring a safe water storage setup that can be trusted to provide clean water. At the same time, it also works to create a safe and sanitized water storage facility that discourages the growth of water-borne diseases in the stored water.


Structural Assessment

Clean Well Pest Control’s services help to refresh the water storage facility completely, thereby extending the tanks life and usability. During the service, our team will also be able to assess the structural status, to identify and report any areas that may need to be addressed in order to avoid damage in the long run.


Water Tank Cleaning Frequency

Based on our extensive experience in serving clients across Dubai, we recommend a professional cleaning at least once every year at minimum. In other cases, it is also advisable to carry out cleaning when moving into property that has been standing idle and unoccupied for a long period of time. This is important since extended stagnation in stationary water can led to the development of harmful bacteria.

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